New timeline for Uilleann pipes!

Due to the demand of the new Thornton Wooden Whistles, my Uilleann pipes and other work commitments there is a new waiting time for my Uilleann pipes only.

There is now a 5 month waiting period for practice sets and chanters, 7 months for half sets and 1 year for full sets.

This new timeline WILL NOT be applicable to anyone who has ordered any work already and you can inquire at any time to make sure.

The main reason for this change is, simply, time! I work by myself and, as you may know, it takes a lot of time to handcraft these instruments by hand.

I will make chanters in D, C and B available here from time to time as my work schedule allows. All chanters will come with a wooden top.

D, C and B chanters in this configuration will cost $1250.

New Thornton wooden whistle is available now from


Tommy Martin.

I’m a musician who plays Uilleann pipes, flute, whistles and some humble efforts on stringed instruments too. As part of playing music for a living I used to tour a lot but nowadays I’m keeping busy making uilleann pipes and whistles at my workshop in St Louis, Missouri.



Available now in D, C and E flat




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    • Hello Robert. For some reason wordpress didn’t forward this message to me so sincere apologies for the late responce. If your still interested, you can send me an email to tompipes@hotmail.com and I can return more info.
      Again, sorry about the communication hiccup.

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